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Real Robots Game Controller Construction Kits

The Hardware

A collection of 3D designs for various game controllers that can be purchased as kits or downloaded and manufactured on home 3D printers. Pick and choose from a variety of options, different bases, heads and sticks can be mixed and matched.

Designed to be hacked and modded, flat surfaces and ample internal space allow for DIYers to drill, cut, and weld their own buttons and switches in. Video tutorials and instructions are provided to suggest how to do this.

Click here to see the designs available for download and/or purchase.

The Software

The rr_configurator software allows users set up and configure their controllers in great detail without ever writing a line of code (although we have tutorials for those who do want to learn how to code their own). All inputs are configured using a simple GUI and stored permanently on the device so no special software is required during use.

The software is freely available and you don't need any other Real Robots products to use it on your own custom device. It works with widely available microcontrollers and hardware.

Donations on our patreon are appreciated though!